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What is an Ethical Brand
Are Listening, Learning And Responding To Their Stakeholders
Microsoft faces claims it threatened MPs with job cuts in constituencies- Microsoft executives telephoned Conservative MPs threatening to shut down a facility in their local area because of planned IT reforms, David Camerons former strategy chief has claimed. Steve Hilt...
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Nine Reasons Why Certification Works- Consumers have a plethora of certification marks to choose from when they do their weekly supermarket shop, but do these labels really make a difference to whatever cause they are supporting In te...
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Donate now! - Jeremy Hammond is a beneficiary of the Courage Foundation. A former member of the hacking network Anonymous, Jeremy is a gifted, young computer programmer currently spending a decade in prison. He ...
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You can Reap the rewards of social housing- It is the "ethicalĚ alternative to buy-to-let that is targeting older people looking to cash in their pension funds, and boasts a tempting 7%-a-year return. The Real Estate Annuity Plan (Reap) allo...
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Regents debate proposed evaluation regulations- ALBANY-As they began discussing complex calculations for rating the performance of public school educators, some members of the State Board of Regents aired their broader concerns about the future ...
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Ethical leadership - Director Magazine- A virtuous approach to business neednt come at the expense of your bottom line, says Sheila Stokes White, author of The Ethics of Work. Here are her five tips for being principled and profitable 1...
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Spotlight On Lee Coates: ‚ÄėMr Establishment‚Äô- After operating a successful ethical finance business in the UK for many years, Lee Coates took the unprecedented step of launching a cruelty-free superannuation fund in Australia, with social medi...
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Breast Cancer Action- Breast Cancer Action has partnered with DemocracyInAction to facilitate your online credit card transaction. You will see DEMOCRACYINACTION.ORG associated with this transaction on your credit card ...
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EthicsWatch: Transparency ‚Äď Azerbaijan EITI status downgraded- The Extractive Industries Transparency Initiative joins public criticism of the Azerbaijan governments repressive political tactics Concerns about the Azerbaijan governments restrictions on civil...
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The post-election colour of money- The future of Britain is at stake. Ethical Corporation rounds up the main corporate responsibility issues in the debate ahead of the UK general election Promises, promises. In April, the various po...
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Khazanah Debuts Ethical Islamic Bonds With Annual Sales Planned- Malaysias state-owned sovereign wealth fund is about to test appetite for the nations first socially responsible Islamic bonds and plans to issue such debt annually. Khazanah Nasional Bhd. will s...
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A horror show from Thomas Cook that tells you all you need to know about ethical consumerism- If he had any conscience Mr Fankhauser should resign. Nine long years after a faulty boiler in a hotel in Corfu devastated this family on holiday, he decided that a shareholders meeting was an app...
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The 7 Best (Ethical) Manicures In N.Y.C.- By now, youve probably heard about the shocking New York Times exposé on the horrific working conditions in some N.Y.C. nail salons. Basically, an investigative report found that workers are often...
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Corfu gas death pair's parents' fury at Thomas Cook 'apology' - BBC News- The parents of two children who died from carbon monoxide poisoning in Corfu have criticised Thomas Cook for not apologising to them directly. A spokesman for the company said a letter of apology h...
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Kickstart to THRIVE- We design pieces to fill the gap between urban street wear and west coast lifestyle. As women, we asked ourselves: "What do we want from our clothingĚ We want functionality, timeless style and dur...
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Five ways to build an ethical wardrobe- A decade ago, I became obsessed with fashion. But rather than trend predictions or whether a Kardashian favours a Gladiator shoe/boot, its always been about the supply chain for me. Fashion is a f...
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National Vegetarian Week: 5 ethical reasons to stop eating meat- The green pastures and idyllic barnyard scenes of years past are now distant memories. On todays factory farms, animals can be kept in cramped, cruel and oppressive conditions, many animals will n...
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Update: gene editing of human embryos- The National Academy of Sciences has confirmed officially that yes, as rumored for weeks, it will hold a meeting to thrash out issues posed by the new gene editing techniques. These will probably b...
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Fertility treatments give birth to dilemma for parents- Brenda Loblein never wanted to be in this position. She didnt want to be faced with a decision about what to do with an extra embryo - a potential child - sitting on ice in a sterilised storage fa...
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New principles to guide ethical surveillance in care facilities - Australian Ageing Agenda- Surveillance technologies including cameras are justified for use in care facilities in certain locations but only within a framework that safeguards against potential harm or misuse, according to ...
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Using Ethical Guidelines to Effectively Challenge Over-prescribing Psychotropics for Children- In all countries there will be ethical and professional guidelines that support a psychologist or any mental health workers ability to professionally challenge practice that they have major concer...
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Adoption of lab-grown meat is not only ethical and rational, but becoming a very likely reality- By ROBERT MONTENEGRO - My colleague Natalie Shoemaker wrote a few days ago about research efforts that track the various defenses and rationalizations for eating meat. Its important to note that t...
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AMA Wire¬ģ: Medicine considers what defines professionalism-assn.org - Physicians take an oath to uphold ethical standards, but rapid changes in the health care system may have begun to blur lines across the practice of medicine. What measures should physicians be hel...
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Skelmersdale mill helps SCA keep its world’s most ethical ranking- Skelmersdale tissue makers SCA has been acclaimed as one of the Worlds Most Ethical Companies for the eighth year in a row. SCA is the largest consumer tissue company in the UK and Ireland and its...
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Web archiving: ethical and legal issues affecting programmes in Australia and the Netherlands- Article Views: 75 Article usage statistics combine cumulative total PDF downloads and full-text HTML views from publication date (but no earlier than 25 Jun 2011, launch date of this website) to 20...
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Amazon Kindle: A Highlight and Note by M. Chitty from Intelligent Kindness: Reforming the Culture of Healthcare- A Highlight and Note by M. Chitty Intelligent Kindness: Reforming the Culture of Healthcare by John Ballatt, Penelope Campling See all posts on this book
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Using new technologies to communicate ethical values internally- All employees - no matter when they were born - will benefit from innovative ways of communicating A recent survey by Global Tolerance revealed that almost half the workforce (42%) now want to work...
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How To Write Your Spiritual Ethical Will review- How To Write Your Spiritual Ethical Will review, is How To Write Your Spiritual Ethical Will a bogus product or something you should definitely download If you are looking for solid information if...
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Ethical Influence and Persuasion - How To Get It Your Way Coupon- Ethical Influence and Persuasion - How To Get It Your Way Coupon Comments RSS Twitter Facebook Pinterest Digg Reddit Kindle Secrets: How I Wrote a Best Selling eBook In 72 hours How To Rap Like A P...
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Monsanto Is Funding a Free 'Reporting Boot Camp' for Food Writers- The Washington, DC-based National Press Foundation announced yesterday that theyre taking applications for an upcoming all-expenses-paid journalism conference called "Food, From Farm to Table." Th...
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Observer Ethical Awards - The winner of the Lifetime Achievement Award has been blown up by the French, jailed by the Russians and very nearly crushed by a US navy destroyer. But for Greenpeace activist Peter Willcox its a...
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Etiko takes sneakers to a new ethical level! - Good On You- Id spent the last year trying my hardest to only buy ethically made products and had not found one pair of ethical sneakers. That is, until I recently stumbled upon Etiko . As I typed "Ethical Sne...
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How to Build a Strong Ethical Culture at Your Agency- Government leaders have to manage the tension between price, quality, speed and ethics. An affordable contractor may be reliably fast, but to finish quickly may cut safety corners, leading to injur...
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I Will Never Quit My Mlm-maybe You Should!- First let me say that an I will never quit attitude is absolutely positively mandatory if you ever expect to make it in the Network Marketing industry. So dont just look at the title of this artic...
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What You Should Know When Hiring An Electrician-contributionsi.cu.cc - If you are working on renovating a room in your home or perhaps having a home built, you will want to hire a professional electrician. An electrician Scottsdale professional has the proper knowledg...
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Was This Musician's Plan Ethical?- Independent artists working on budgets are always looking for innovative and cost-effective ways to expose new people to their music.  Preston Edmands is one such artist.  I had never heard of Pres...
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The Winchester Family Business - Let's Discuss: The Ethical Dilemmas in Supernatural's "Brother's Keeper"- As always, Nightsky, so much to ponder in what you write. There is much to consider and in this there will be no wrong or right answers, although Im sure the debate will seem as if there is. I lov...
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Market to Empowered Women: It's Ethical -- And It's Good for Business- Sex sells. It always has, it still does and it probably always will. But theres another theme thats selling well: that of the confident, career-driven woman. At an Advertising Week event this wee...
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Our early research was focuased on the frameworks and approaches typically associated with the field of corporate social responsibility, or CSR, but we were unable to find a credible scientific or empirical model that reduced authentication to a binary calculation. So, we built one. The turning point came when we shifted our focus away from any specific policies, practicies and issues - recognising that all of these things, even those with ethical, social and environmental dimensions, are commercially motivated - that we discovered what we now refer to as the ethical brand process.

Authentic ethical brands are not perfect. However, the one thing that sets them well apart from all others is the way they respond to these imperfections. One of the major challenges our authentication methodology had to overcome was to incorporate an in-built tolerance for human imperfection that does not in any way undermine the integrity of the approach.

The ethical brand process is defined by:

  • Listening to the interests, needs and concerns of stakeholders

  • A willingness and ability to Learn from stakeholder interactions

  • Responding to stakeholder approaches - timely and respectfully

Discovering the ethical brand process was an important milestone in the evolution of our methodology. It clearly identified activities that we could observe and measure in an unbiased and clinical manner - without operational intrusion.

The eb Process reveals everything both we and brand owners themselves need to know about how responsive the organization is to the needs, interests and concerns of all its stakeholder communities - anywhere 24x7.

Definition: Authentic Ethical Brand

Picture credit: antwerpenR, Antwerp, Belgium